How to grow your business with an objective-led Marketing Funnel

“If you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will take you there.” These words have been attributed to many different literal figureheads in history – it’s not quite clear which one. However, any doubt surrounding this famous proverb’s source doesn’t take away from the indisputable accuracy of its truth. That’s because, in all […]

How to acquire new customers

The key to acquiring new customers is to pin-point – and then get to know – your target market. You will then be in a position to create a strategy that will see you winning their business. So what makes a good target market? A target market needs to be viable. This means it needs […]

Who is in charge of your Marketing Funnel?

Marketing is – and has always been -about serving the needs and wants of customers for a profit. Look at the most successful companies of our time: Amazon has built a global empire that’s based on customer insight and service. Apple is the branding master. Mircrosoft ploughed investment into product innovation. Tesla is the innovator. […]

Planning the Marketing Funnel: The importance of customer research.

Despite the fact that the marketing greats of our time have always pressed home the fact that a customer or client-centric marketing strategy is the only way of building a successful long-term marketing programme; customer research is often woefully overlooked or even skipped out completely at the discovery and planning phase. Considering every successful business […]

What you will get from a Marketing Funnel

There are always risks associated with business. Forces such as economic downturns, technological advances or viral pandemics can throw even the most secure companies into jeopardy.  However, businesses with well-defined marketing funnels are far more likely to be able to ride out any storms because of the what they can reveal through the visibility they […]

How to set a marketing budget

Setting – and sticking to – a marketing budget is something that will help you keep control of your costs and help reduce the risk of pursuing an unviable business dream. It will also help you predict profitability, guide you in setting your prices and prevent you from wasting your money. However, simply grabbing a […]