What you will get from a Marketing Funnel

There are always risks associated with business. Forces such as economic downturns, technological advances or viral pandemics can throw even the most secure companies into jeopardy.  However, businesses with well-defined marketing funnels are far more likely to be able to ride out any storms because of the what they can reveal through the visibility they […]

Marketing Funnels explained

Whether you’re a B2B, B2C or B2G business, a marketing funnel can help organise, simplify and monetise your marketing. It’s function is to simplify and organise the process of turning unknown audiences into loyal, paying customers – and keep a handle on your marketing investments at every step of the way. Types of funnels A […]

Google Shopping as a Top of Funnel tactic

For e-commerce business owners everywhere, Google Shopping is a popular ‘top of funnel’ marketing tactic that can be used to drive people to your site in an instant. A Google Shopping campaign is especially effective because it gets your products under the noses of people who are actively seeking the type of products you are […]

How to set a marketing budget

Setting – and sticking to – a marketing budget is something that will help you keep control of your costs and help reduce the risk of pursuing an unviable business dream. It will also help you predict profitability, guide you in setting your prices and prevent you from wasting your money. However, simply grabbing a […]