How to market your business if you are in professional services

The service sector accounts for a huge part of the UK’s GDP. And, with an explosion of new talent offering their professional services in everything from finance to management to technology, competition for customers can be rife. The trouble with selling services Indeed winning new business is a concern for many professional services firms. Contrary […]

How to grow your business with an objective-led Marketing Funnel

“If you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will take you there.” These words have been attributed to many different literal figureheads in history – it’s not quite clear which one. However, any doubt surrounding this famous proverb’s source doesn’t take away from the indisputable accuracy of its truth. That’s because, in all […]

How to acquire new customers

The key to acquiring new customers is to pin-point – and then get to know – your target market. You will then be in a position to create a strategy that will see you winning their business. So what makes a good target market? A target market needs to be viable. This means it needs […]

How to increase brand awareness at TOFU stage

Brand awareness is often the main aim for a business’s TOFU (top of marketing funnel) promotional activity. So what are the key elements to making a splash? The effectiveness of the ‘top of funnel’ tactics you choose from the promotional toolbox to build awareness of your brand – PR, publicity, SEO, direct marketing and advertising […]

Who is in charge of your Marketing Funnel?

Marketing is – and has always been -about serving the needs and wants of customers for a profit. Look at the most successful companies of our time: Amazon has built a global empire that’s based on customer insight and service. Apple is the branding master. Mircrosoft ploughed investment into product innovation. Tesla is the innovator. […]

Planning the Marketing Funnel: The importance of customer research.

Despite the fact that the marketing greats of our time have always pressed home the fact that a customer or client-centric marketing strategy is the only way of building a successful long-term marketing programme; customer research is often woefully overlooked or even skipped out completely at the discovery and planning phase. Considering every successful business […]

SEO as a ‘Top Of Funnel’ tactic

Plenty of businesses include SEO as part of their ‘top of funnel’ marketing activity. A high ranking web page listed in Google for the right keyword or phrase is a great way to raise awareness of your brand and drive quality traffic to your site. For those that manage to get their website to the […]

What is a Marketing Sales Funnel anyway?

If you have heard about marketing funnels and how they can be used to turn unknown audiences into loyal customers then you might be wondering how you should go about getting one for yourself. Turn to the internet for some guidance, however, and things can get a little confusing quite fast. Selling ‘marketing funnels’ as […]

About Marketing Funnels

Marketing funnels – also known as click funnels, conversion funnels, content funnels and sales funnels – have one clear purpose: To move customers or potential customers from one stage of the buyer process to another with the aim of landing a successful ‘outcome’. This outcome might be a sale, an enquiry, a website visit – […]

Why isn’t my Marketing Funnel converting?

There is, in our opinion, no better way to structure, organise and monetise your marketing investments and activities than with marketing funnel. But no matter how well designed, how well thought through and how well implemented your funnel is, sometimes things don’t work out. If your marketing funnel is failing to deliver the results you […]