How to increase brand awareness at TOFU stage

Brand awareness is often the main aim for a business’s TOFU (top of marketing funnel) promotional activity. So what are the key elements to making a splash?

The effectiveness of the ‘top of funnel’ tactics you choose from the promotional toolbox to build awareness of your brand – PR, publicity, SEO, direct marketing and advertising for instance – will all work better together if they are brought together under the umbrella of a unified brand.

Creating the right brand for you business involves finding a distinctive image and voice that will resonate with your target audience, and that will instantly trigger recognition and install faith in the minds of potential customers – just like when you meet a person you know and trust.

What’s the best way of doing this?

Define your vision, mission and company culture

It helps to really understand your company culture when creating your brand – is it dynamic or structured, modern thinking or traditional?

Then, think about your company vision. What sort of world do you want to create? What is your contribution to this world? In your own small way what is your ‘raison d’etre’ in terms of the bigger picture. This is not what you do, but why you are doing it.

Finally, establish exactly what you business does on a daily basis that feeds into this vision. This should be a summary of your day to day mission or goals and should read as a job description for your business.

Putting these three things together will help you create a clear, relevant and meaningful brand blueprint.

Think of your business like a human

Every element of your business contributes to your brand identity, just like every characteristic contributes to a human being’s personality. Once it’s established, it should thread its way through everything that you do.

From your marketing materials to your invoices – even the people who work for your business – everything and everyone that’s part of your business should be touched by your brand.

Need help with your brand?

Investing in giving your brand the best start in life is something that will pay off further down the line.

If you would like help or advice on creating the right brand for your business that help to increase the performance of your marketing funnel, then drop Masterplan Marketing a line today.